Best places in Switzerland

Swiss Action TV started a VLOG Series in which we show you the best places from Switzerland.

During the pandemic year 2020, we have always designed the daily balance with excursions into the beautiful nature and mountains of Switzerland.

At the beginning of 2021 we realized that due to the pandemic, most tourists are now unable to visit Switzerland.
So we started the VLOG series about the most beautiful places and mountains in Switzerland, so that everyone can at least enjoy these wonderful places through our videos.

➡️ Today a walk to Mount Utliberg the mountain of Zurich City.
On the way up we found an ancient ancient burial mound.

Google Maps Location:
To the map:

➡️ Today a short trip to Basel to buy some Basler Läckerli.
We found Atlantis in Basel.
Läckerli House in Basel:…


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